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Recognized over the past several years for our teamwork, valuable support, successful participation and outstanding commitment in the Bloomsburg, PA area.

Why Artesian Pools ​& Spas?

We've been serving the Bloomsburg, PA community and surrounding areas for over 23 years. Customer satisfaction is what we pride ourselves on.

Traveling roadshows appear then disappear with the blink of an eye, leaving the customer with little to no support once the event is over. At Artesian Pools ​& Spas, we continue the relationship long after the sale is over.

We realize that purchasing a hot tub is a decision that takes more than an afternoon of high-pressured sales. Haven't thought about site prep? Don't worry! Not sure where to place your spa? No problem! Our dedicated team will help ​you through the planning process by scheduling a free backyard consultation. That’s an offer we can provide as a local company that you just won't get from a hired gun at an expo.

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Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive?

There's nothing more valuable when hot tub shopping than taking a test soak to truly understand a tub's features. Most tubs at an event can only be dry tested. In the off chance that a traveling show actually has a hot tub filled with water for a test soak, you'd have to be ready to get in your swimsuit in front of a crowd of people. And who wants to do that?

Artesian Pools ​& Spas offers you the opportunity for a private “wet test” before you buy. We offer this both as a test soak for hot tubs or a test swim in an Endless Pool®. These wet tests allow you to feel the jets, make sure the water depth fits your height, and the seating fits your body.

Artesian Pools ​& Spas

Artesian Pools & Spas Inc. is a Certified Warranty Service Center for Hot Spring® , Freeflow® and Wellis® Spas. Artesian Pools & Spas Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating!

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