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Hot Spring Spa Triumph High Angle


Hot Spring® Spas | Highlife® Collection

As low as $329 per month

The Triumph is ideal for those looking for a small luxury hot tub that offers all the features of a large spa. This spa fits well in areas where space is limited, yet still offers a 33″ depth and enough room to comfortably seat up to three people. This rectangular hot tub is ideal for smaller patios, yards and decks.


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Leo P&P

Wellis Spas

As low as $188 per month

Our new model offers a wide range of exciting innovations tailored to your individual needs. The calf massage jets in the lounge seat provide perfect relaxation and muscle stretch. Enjoy a complete body massage in your own home. The ergonomically designed massage jets located on the lower sides of the seats can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.