Perfect Hot Tub Results Medium Open Seating

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Hot Spring® Spas | Highlife® Collection

As low as $398 per month

The best seat in the house? That’s every seat in the Vanguard®. Open and spacious, this family-friendly spa fits six with plenty of leg room. A full-body massage awaits you with two seats featuring our patented Moto-Massage® DX jets, plus other targeted jet groups that soothe your neck, shoulders, back and feet.


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Wellis Spas

As low as $270 per month

Libra provides room for the ultimate WellDome™ foot massage system.
This hot tub also features 60 chrome-finished adjustable water jets, exclusive chromotherapy LED lighting, and lighting waterfall. This hot tub has enough space for 7 bathers, so you can enjoy the ultimate ‘shoulder-to-toe’ massage with those who matter the most to you.